MLB Players’ Weekend 2019: Best jersey nicknames for every baseball team

Major League Baseball’s “Players Weekend” is back for a third straight year, though this season it will look a little different. Instead of the colorful, Little League-inspired jerseys that the 30 teams wore in the previous two years, the 2019 installment will bring black and white monochromatic jerseys.

It’s a drastic switch and an interesting decision, especially considering the whole point of the weekend is to promote fun and creativity in baseball. The new uniforms don’t exactly scream fun or creativity, though the league says they chose this route so that player accessories (such as cleats, bats and arm sleeves) would pop more.

However, one fun aspect of the weekend that remains is the opportunity for players to feature customized nicknames on the back of their jerseys. Some players are sticking with names that they’ve showcased in the past, but others are going in a different direction.

Here is the best nickname from every team for Players Weekend 2019, which will be held from August 23-25.

Angels: SIMBA

Andrelton Simmons went with the timely “Lion King” nod, which is somewhat fitting because these jerseys are about as creative as that remake. Shohei Ohtani is once again going with “SHOWTIME,” which is the correct decision.


Jake Marisnick delivers a tribute to his sweet tooth while also referencing How I Met Your Mother.


Sean Manaea continues to be a Players Weekend standout with this incredible play on words.

Blue Jays: 100 MILES GILES

The best nickname is one earned, and the radar gun can back up the moniker for Ken Giles. Reese McGuire going with PIECES is also pretty strong.


Jerry Blevins is going to be inspiring trashy fights in the stands all weekend long, and that’s something that’s worth getting behind. The Braves have several other winners; Of course, Josh Donaldson is returning BRINGER OF RAIN, but Mike Foltynewicz is also running HIGH FOLTAGE while Luke Jackson hat tips “Star Wars” with SKYWALKER.

Brewers: THREE KID$

We can only assume Lorenzo Cain is referencing how expensive it is to be a father of three. Other Milwaukee winners: Yasmani Grandal rocking with YAZMANIAN DEVIL, Josh Hader sipping on HADERADE and Travis Shaw embracing his office as MAYOR-DDC (Mayor of Ding Dong City).

Cardinals: HELLZ BELLZ

Ryan Helsley is bringing the heat, but you have to respect Michael Wacha running back WACHAMOLE.


I like this choice for Cole Hamels, mainly because it reminds me of the time he spent $70,000 on Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tickets only to get scammed and denied entry. Hollywood, baby!

Diamondbacks: PARKMAN

This is even better when you realize Alex Avila is a catcher and kind of looks like Jack Parkman. Am I allowed to hope that he gets traded to the White Sox?


Yes, CHICKEN STRIP is still an amazing nickname for Ross Stripling and Jed Gyorko going with JERK-STORE is great, but Kristopher Negron giving a nod to LeBron — while playing in the same city, no less — is hilarious.

Giants: AC

Maybe not the very best time for a Mario Lopez tribute, but Austin Slater pulling out the “Saved By The Bell” reference is very good.


Shane Bieber using this is always going to be funny, but it’s especially funny right now because Topps just accidentally printed “Justin” on his baseball card. Yasiel Puig going with WILD HORSE still rules too.

Mariners: A²/B²

Austin Adams and Brandon Brennan are teaming up for a little synergy with these nicknames. If only R²-D² could have worked, though.

Marlins: ACON

Adam Conley apparently just wants to be friends with Young Jeezy. I respect it.

Mets: A-A-RON

Aaron Altherr did not done mess up with this “Key & Peele” reference.

Nationals: BROWN EYE

Last year, Max Scherzer went with BLUE EYE for the second year in a row and missed an absolute layup. This year, he’s dunking it home.

Orioles: SISCO KID

If they weren’t going to let him have “Thong Song” on there, this was a good alternative reference for Chance Sisco.


I almost didn’t want context for this one but then I found out Chubbs is Kirby Yates’ dog and now I’m so grateful for this information.

Phillies: KNAPP TIME

This one from Andrew Knapp gets extra points because it’s also what I often call baseball.

Pirates: EL COFFEE

Gregory Polanco knows caffeine is the way to my heart, though I’m extremely upset that Kevin Newman (NEWMS) didn’t go with HELLO NEWMAN.

Rangers: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can always count on Hunter Pence to be weird.


Smart thinking by Eric Sogard and his big-time nerd glasses.


Josh VanMeter knows that baseball is better when you’re on the sauce.

Red Sox: DR. CHILL

Sam Travis knows the Red Sox need to catch fire over the next couple months though, right?


Chad Bettis with an extremely productive one emoji showing here.


It’s no Boaty McBoatface but Scott Barlow played the hand he was dealt.

Tigers: MATTY B / J Z

Matthew Boyd and Jordan Zimmerman honoring two equal legends of rap. Disappointing that Jacoby Jones (J.J.) decided not to join the fun after going with JUICY J last year.


Bet you can’t guess who this one belongs to.


Evan Marshall — a man of fine cinema.


It’s a shame we may not see this one on the field. Pretty disappointed nobody on the Yankees went with NOT HURT.

Twins Unveil Baby Blue Uniforms, 60th Season Patch

To help celebrate their 60th season since moving up to Minnesota, the Twins are going back into their past in 2020.

Introduced earlier this morning, the Minnesota Twins will have a new powder blue alternate uniform to be worn both at home and on the road. The uniform is designed to resemble the road uniform the Twins wore from 1973 to 1986 (now a button-up instead of a pullover) and, as the Twins say in the press release, it recalls “the era of Rod Carew batting titles and Bert Blyleven curveballs, through to the early days of Kent Hrbek, Gary Gaetti and Kirby Puckett.”

Minnesota is pairing their new baby blue option with their usual home and road navy blue “TC” cap (the one without the gold outline on the logo).

The Twins join the Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, and Tampa Bay Rays as teams looking to bring the powder blue trend back to Major League Baseball (with a couple more still to come! 😉). It was at one time was a popular road uniform choice over grey for many years from the 1970s right up until the early 1990s.

Also unveiled was the new 60th season anniversary patch, the logo will be worn on the right sleeve of all the Twins uniforms throughout the 2020 season.

It shows a combined Minneapolis and St. Paul skyline behind the Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River. The Twins moved to Minnesota in 1961 after playing exactly sixty seasons in Washington as both the Senators and Nationals from 1901-1960. Following this season, the franchise will now be evenly split in years played in both Washington and Minnesota.

Baseball fans are upset with Nike’s new jerseys

Nike is the new uniform supplier for the MLB and the famous Nike “swoosh” is featured on the front. Nike released the Major League Baseball jerseys for next season and some fans are upset with the new designs.

Nike is the new uniform supplier for the MLB and the famous Nike “swoosh” is featured on the front. Some fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the design. Fans have used words including “tacky,” “terrible,” “awful,” “lame,” and “dumb” to describe the look.

Nike took over as the MLB uniform supplier from Majestic Athletic, which had the contract since 2004.

Majestic had its logo on the sleeves. In the NFL, the Nike “swoosh” is also on the sleeve.

Despite the pushback, USA Today predicts fans will eventually get used to the logo on the front.

MLB new uniform tracker: A look at all of the threads set to hit the diamond in 2020

Nike is taking over as the MLB uniform supplier and they’ll be bringing plenty of new looks

With Nike taking over as the official outfitter of MLB uniforms next season, we’ll be seeing the swoosh branded on all jerseys starting in 2020. We’ll also be seeing it branded on plenty of new looks across baseball, as plenty of teams are utilizing the new partnership as opportunity to refresh their uniforms and bring some exciting new changes in the fashion department.

Several teams have wasted little time in unveiling new uniforms for the upcoming season; some of them have chosen to roll out entire new sets while others are just dipping their toes into the pool with a new jersey or two. More updates are expected to come as we make our way deeper into the offseason.

Some early rollouts seem to suggest that there might be an emphasis on injecting more color into the landscape of baseball uniforms. There also seems to be more sleeve striping than we’ve seen across the league in recent years. Both of these things will likely be viewed as positives for many, but you can judge for yourself.

Let’s take a look at some of the uniform changes that have been unveiled so far this winter.

Arizona Diamondbacks

If you weren’t paying close attention you might not even notice that the Diamondbacks made some changes to their uniforms for 2020. They’ve removed the gradient pattern on the shoulders and sides and will no longer wear the dark gray road jerseys. Pretty good changes all around.

Cincinnati Reds

The Reds unveiled a new red alternate jersey earlier this offseason and it features the scripted ‘Reds’ wordmark across the chest along with the awesome Mr. Redlegs logo patch on the sleeve.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are FINALLY bringing back the ball-in-glove (with the hidden MB) logo full-time, though it will come with some minor alterations and twists of modern. With the logo comes an entirely new set of jerseys — including a retro-inspired cream home primary, a pinstriped home alternate, a navy road jersey and a gray road jersey. Milwaukee completely knocked it out of the park with this timeless re-brand.

Minnesota Twins

The Twins have switched up their jerseys quite a bit in recent years but many people will be thrilled to know that they’re bringing back powder blue alternates for this upcoming season. The look will be worn both at home and on the road next season and is a throwback to the blues that the Twins wore in the 70s and 80s.

San Diego Padres

Brown is back, baby. The Padres have finally caved and fully committed to bringing back the brown and gold in 2020. They unveiled a full new set of uniforms that include pinstriped home jerseys, a brown road jersey as well as a sand road alternate. They’ll also be bringing back two different camouflage jerseys as well as the Swinging Friar alternate logo.

Texas Rangers

As the Rangers transition into a new era in a new ballpark in 2020, they’ll also be wearing a completely new set of uniforms. Their new home whites feature a scripted ‘Rangers’ wordmark across the chest, not unlike the one the team wore from 1984-1993. (It seems they’ll be wearing red hats with that jersey even though the primary color on the wordmark is blue.) They’ll also be sporting a new two-tone hat with a “TX” logo. And, like the Twins, the Rangers will also have a powder blue alternate jersey, one that will accompanied by matching hats and pants. Each of the new uniforms will feature red, white and blue striping on the sleeves.

New Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms are an improvement, but there’s no purple and teal set

The new uniforms unveiled by the Arizona Diamondbacks Friday are a big improvement over what they’ve been wearing.

But they can do better.

Two words: Purple and teal. Yes, the originals, the uniforms the team wore when they started — and in which they won, you know, a World Series. I’m not the only one who thinks so.

“I’ve written many times, even though I don’t like purple in general, that original uniform I think has aged remarkably well, and looks sort of like a modern classic,” said Paul Lukas, who writes about sports uniforms for a living, most recently at Sports Illustrated and ESPN before that. (You may remember him as the person who said the Arizona Cardinals have the worst uniforms in the NFL.)

That said, the streamlined uniforms introduced Friday are a step up from the current batch.

“It’s addition by subtraction,” Lukas said. “Getting rid of the snakeskin is textbook addition by subtraction. Personally, I think getting rid of the dark charcoal is the same thing. I would say it’s an upgrade.”

It’s definitely a more basic look. Of course, when you talk about professional sports uniforms you’re talking about a bunch of different looks, all the better to stock the team shop with. And there is an alternate home uniform with teal included as highlights. The Los Dbacks uniform has some teal in it, too.

The Diamondbacks have new uniforms for the 2020 season.If only it were more conspicuous — and the main home uniform.

But the best thing about the uniforms, as Lukas suggests, is dumping the awful gray road uniforms. They always looked dirty. Good riddance.

I’m probably dreaming if I think the Diamondbacks will ever get back to the original uniforms full-time. But the new ones are decent enough, so maybe they should stick with them for a while.

“How many times have they changed uniforms?” Lukas said. “First they had the original purple-and-teal set. Then they said never mind, our colors aren’t purple and teal anymore. They’re red and black or Sedona red or whatever marketing term you want to give it. Then they changed the lettering from that sort of stone-carved look they had … from like 2007 to 2015 and changed it to what they have now. And now they’re changing it again.”

At least they’re changing it for the better.

MLB All-Star, brother have jersey retired by Gwinnett high school

Austin Meadows remembers being nervous, but thankful for the opportunity to play varsity baseball when he was a freshman at Grayson High School back in 2010.

What a difference nine years makes!

The Tampa Bay Rays All-Star outfielder returned to Grayson Saturday to have his jersey retired.

But he wasn’t alone. The Gwinnett County high school retired the No. 16 for both Austin Meadows and his younger brother Parker Meadows. Parker Meadows graduated from Grayson in 2018 and was drafted by the Detroit Tigers as the first pick in the second round of the MLB draft.

Austin Meadows helped lead Grayson to the state semifinals as a junior before hitting .535 as a senior. The Pittsburgh Pirates selected him in the first round of the 2013 MLB draft. In 2019, he hit .291 with 33 home runs and 89 RBIs for the Tampa Bay Rays. He led the team in all of those categories and was named to his first MLB All-Star game.

Saturday’s jersey retirement was an honor for both brothers.

“Being able to just always call Grayson home, to always represent Grayson wherever I go, wherever I play, any field I play on, it’s a true honor,” Austin Meadows told’s Nelson Hicks. “I had an ultimate experience here, four years of great people, great coaches, great teachers, great friends, teammates, I could go on and on. So, I’m blessed to call this my home.”

Parker Meadows was featured as a WSB-TV Athlete of the Week in 2018. He was committed to the Clemson Tigers to play college baseball, but when he heard the Detroit Tigers call his name during the draft, he was excited to get his professional journey started.

“It’s been a blessing,” Parker Meadows said. “Shout out to the Detroit Tigers for drafting me and letting me continue my baseball career. (The jersey retirement ceremony ) has been an honor. The show out today was unbelievable. The community support is unbelievable.”

For their parents, Staci and Kenny Meadows, Saturday’s event along with having two boys playing professional baseball are a couple of those pinch-me moments.

“Just to look out there and to see No. 16 in dead center field, it’s just like, to see their accomplishments come to this and know that Grayson (is) always gonna have a special place in our hearts…and like Austin said on the podium today, if you believe in yourself, all the kids out there, keep working and believing in your dream, one day this will come true,” Kenny Meadows said.

The Meadows brother pulled the curtain covering the No. 16 jersey in center field at Saturday’s ceremony. The school presented them both with a framed Meadows No. 16 jersey and many fans in attendance purchased their own jerseys to support the school’s baseball program and the brothers. After the ceremony, the brother stuck around to sign autographs and take photos with everyone in attendance.

But having their jersey retired isn’t the final chapter in the baseball journey for these brothers.

“I feel like this is just the beginning for Austin and Parker,” Kenny Meadows said.

Maybe the brothers will suit it up together in the outfield in an All-Star game in the years to come.

LEAKED: 2020 LA Kings Stadium Series Jersey

You can’t spell “leakings” without “LA KINGS”.

Late last night the Los Angeles Kings 2020 Stadium Series outdoor game uniform was leaked to Mayor’s Manor, a news site dedicated to the Kings. Much like the Colorado Avalanche design for the same game we saw earlier this month, it’s certainly something new…

The jersey shows “LA” laid diagonally with motion lines similar to the Kings logos of the late 1970s through the late 1990s. The “LA” design cuts the jersey in half, the top portion is black and the bottom is white — this design carries through onto each sleeve.

Inside the back collar, we see a chessboard pattern in black and white with a Kings wordmark.

Here’s the jersey paired up with the Avalanche leak we saw earlier:

So the designs are very unusual but that’s what the Stadium Series seems to be the testing grounds for. It’ll be tough to judge just how great (or terrible) both these uniforms are until we see them on the ice in an actual game but I must say, it’s nice to see them at least *trying* new things — and if it doesn’t work, remember, it was just for one game.

Twins announce new all-Kasota gold uniform

If you loved the all-powder blue unis, you’ll LOVE these!

With Nike taking over the uniform responsibilities for Major League Baseball, a number of teams have announced new uniforms, whether it be an alternate or an addition to the standard uniform rotation. Minnesota Twins fans got to experience one those announcements this past week as the team revealed that the powder blues from the ‘70s and ‘80s are back as an alternate both at Target Field and on the road. In addition, the Twins announced today that they have added a new uniform set to the main rotation: all-Kasota gold uniforms that will replace the home whites that everyone hates so much.

“We got some great feedback from our fans,” said Dave St Peter, president of the Minnesota Twins, “and we heard that they really missed the pinstripe uniforms that we ditched a few years ago.” St Peter grabbed at a sheet that was covering a mannequin on stage to reveal the new uniform.

“Don’t they look snazzy?” asked St Peter. “We also heard that everyone loves the Kasota gold color that we incorporated starting in 2015, so we though that would be a great, solid color to have with the pinstripe theme.” St Peter went on to say that the hat that would be paired with this uniform would be the old-school lowercase “m” hat with the “m” outlined in the “beloved” Kasota gold.

“At first, the league office said that these were hideous, but we insisted that this is what the fans wanted,” commented Jim Pohlad, owner of the team. “We really think these will fly off the shelves. We have the go-ahead to wear these exclusively at Target Field.”

The uniform bears some resemblance to the former white home uniforms the Twins wore. “Twins” will be on the front of the jersey in navy blue, outlined in red, and shadowed with gray. The player’s name on the back will be the same – minus the gray shadow – while the number will be red and outlined in navy blue while shadowed in gray. The pants will be the resemble the tops – a Kasota gold base with navy blue pinstripes.

Cory Provus, play-by-play for the Treasure Island Baseball Network, said, “I don’t know how I’m going to describe these on the air.”

Bert Blyleven, who has had his time cut down as the color analyst for FOX Sports North, said that if he were asked to wear them, he’d probably cut them up à la Chris Sale.

Our Twinkie Town staff also had some colorful opinions about the new uniforms. Managing editor TJ Gorsegner said, “I’d say this is the worst uniform ever – but hey, at least it has stirrups,” while staff writer TeamCrazyMatt commented, “I hope they aren’t using the color for the jockstraps.”

Greta speculated on how the uniforms were created: “It looks like they used a white uniform to clean dishes that were stained by curry.”

Senior writer SooFoo Fan put it simply, saying, “Needs more Nike logos,” and our draft and minor-league guru Kyle Edelbrock opined, “Looks like a can of caffeine-free Pepsi.”

Writer Jonathan Gamble compared it to a familiar brand in Twins Territory: “It looks like the Carhartt version of regular Twins jerseys.”

There’s no word yet on when these new uniforms will be available for sale.

Arizona Diamondbacks unveil new uniforms for 2020 MLB season

The Diamondbacks are making more changes to their uniforms, moves that further walk back the radical designs they unveiled four years ago.

The club next season no longer will wear dark gray jerseys on the road, and all of their uniforms – home and road – will no longer feature the gradient pattern on the shoulders or down the sides.

“We’ve been really talking about what can we do to the uniforms to really bring the brand forward a little bit more,” said Cullen Maxey, an executive vice president with the club. “Make the brand the attention for the uniform as opposed to maybe some of the treatments to the uniform.”

Maxey called the changes “subtle,” but the differences are easy to spot. The new look appears cleaner, toned down and simplified.

Maxey said the team is moving away from the dark gray uniforms because of how they appeared on television.

“We loved the dark grey whenever we were playing live,” Maxey said. “The color translated and you could read everything – the brand, the number, the name on the uniform. As you probably noticed, we changed some of the lettering kit to make it stand out more on the dark grey. It never translated on television consistently.”

The Diamondbacks made drastic changes to their uniforms after the 2015 season. A year later, they introduced minor tweaks, including eliminating the unusual coloration on the calf area of the pants.

Slimmed down

Diamondbacks lefty Robbie Ray was among a handful of players to participate in the team’s celebrity golf classic on Friday. Ray was noticeably slimmer.

“I lost 15 pounds of bad weight,” Ray said. “I just started eating healthier. I changed up my diet. I started eating smaller meals more often throughout the day to keep the metabolism going. I just made sure the majority of all of my meals are vegetables. Smaller portions of meat and even smaller portions of carbs, like rice and stuff like that. Fueling my body with more protein, more fiber, stuff like that.”

Ray said he has lost 15 pounds since the end of the season. He thinks his energy and mobility are better as a result.

He weighs about 205 pounds now but actually wants to gain a little weight before the start of next season.

“Probably five to seven pounds, but better weight, not sloppy weight,” he said. “I just started working out this past week. I feel like as I start to work out and build that muscle it’s going to naturally put that five to seven pounds back on.”

Take a look at the Nationals’ new Nike jerseys

Fans who visited the Nationals’ team store were greeted with some new merchandise Friday, when the team’s first official Nike jersey and a new alternate hat were made available.

Jerseys for specific players aren’t yet on sale, so it’s unknown whether the Nationals will feature the players’ numbers underneath the script lettering like they did on their Majestic jerseys. The website calls these white fits their “alternate 2020 authentic team jersey,” so they appear to at least be in the rotation of team gear being worn next season.

The team also released a new hat with the Senators’ W behind a pitcher throwing. This comes a year after Washington created a Spring Training hat that used the same W in front of an outline of the U.S. Capitol building.

Now about those lucky blue alternates finally going on sale…